Whitby Hydro Collective Agreement

As a result of this merger, an application is made to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to merge the company`s unionized collective units into a single entity. The application will require the OLRB to hold a vote in which workers choose the Union they think is best represented in establishing a new single collective agreement for all unionized workers within Elexicon Energy. It is time that we work together as a great unit for the improvement of the worker and not the company. Separate negotiations promise nothing but good for the company and not for us, the workers. On April 1, 2019, a merger between Veridian and Whitby Hydro took place, which will form a new legal entity called Elexicon Energy. On that day, all employees of the veridian and Whitby Hydro rate units, currently represented by IBEW and PWU, were employed in a new elexicon LDC and the process of amalgamating employees from the 3 bargaining units began. We encourage all Elexicon Energy union members to take advantage of this valuable time to discover what each union has to offer to contribute to a bright and safe future for all Elexicon Energy employees. We also encourage all current members to request a representation vote to ensure that your vote is heard. There are very few career choices that are more important to workers than those who represent them in their contractual relationship with their employer. We truly believe that the Union Power Workers has the experience, commitment, know-how and resources to help you make the impact of this merger with the best possible results.

Now it`s up to you – the union members – to get together and manage the changes to come to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and participate in the success of this new venture.