Westjet Jumpseat Agreements

Welcome to the Jumpseat Committee website! Our role as the CPZ ALPA jumpse committee is to protect and improve Compass pilot groups in order to gain access to the unique advantage that is jumpseating. We are working with Compass management and Jumpseat Committee members of other airlines to enter into jumpseat agreements with other airlines. These agreements allow our pilots to travel for free with one of dozens of different airlines for commuting or pleasure. Jumpseat volunteers also help solve problems that may arise while pilots use their Jumpseat privileges. Some of the problems we can help are how to list the jump seat on different airlines, investigating and resolving CASS denials and resolving conflicts or disagreements that might occur during the jump. If you experience these or other problems while you are trying to jump, or if you are a crew member who is working a flight and there is a problem regarding the Jumpseat, as always remain professional and please contact the Jumpseat committee and we will do our best to correct the situation. For those who start with airlines, or those of you who are new to commuting, jumping can be a discouraging process. The Main Mission of the Jumpseat Committee is to conclude new agreements with Off-Line Airlines (OAL). As a rule, we meet with 121 and 135 operators to create new agreements for Jumpseat access, but from time to time the operators of Part 91 can also be contacted. In addition to creating other options for your Jumpseat solutions, we`re here to help you use jumpseats every day. There are a lot of common issues as we see drivers jump again, so we`ve created a FAQ to quickly address the basic issues. This FAQ allows us to serve you more comfortably without the additional e-mail traffic being passed on to our Committee members.

It can be found in the „Commissions“ tab above. The ALPA Jumpseat site has many resources that pilots can use to commute. The site lists procedures for each airline, weather, air routes and many other useful sources of information.