Solarwinds Msp Software Services Agreement

1.12 SolarWinds MSP SolarWinds products refer to software, services or support distributed under the MSP solarwinds brands, as described in the current SolarWinds MSP price list, available from SolarWinds MSP or a distributor. SolarWinds MSP products can be added or removed from the price list by SolarWinds MSP after written notification to the solution provider. SolarWinds MSP products contain all extensions, supplements, corrections or modifications of these products that are made available to solarWinds MSP solutions provider and any associated documentation. 14.2 Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the services, software and documentation provided below and replaces all prior or simultaneous written or oral communications, agreements and agreements regarding the purpose of this agreement. If other SolarWinds MSP conditions conflict with this agreement, this agreement is a priority and control over the services, software and documentation provided under this Agreement. In addition, all the additional or conflicting conditions provided by you, whether in an order, another license or otherwise, are invalid and have no effect. You can access third-party programs through services or software, or third-party programs can be bundled with services or software. These third-party software is subject to their own licensing conditions, which may include open source licenses or free software, and these conditions prevail over this agreement with respect to your use of third-party programs. Nothing in this Agreement limits the rights of your or your users or grants you or your user rights that succeed you under such a third-party program. If the solution provider were to use SolarWinds products for other purposes (including the internal or production use of the solution provider), the solutions provider undertakes to notify SolarWinds of this use, pay (prorated) the fee for each previous use, and enter into an agreement to purchase a license or subscription for SolarWinds products. 1.11 SolarWinds MSP brands are trademarks of SolarWinds MSP, some of which may be considered a reference to the following address: or another SolarWinds MSP site. 17.10 Full agreement; modification.

This agreement, including the exhibits, constitutes the complete and comprehensive agreement between the parties, in accordance with the purpose and replaces all previous agreements, written or written, between the parties on the purpose of this agreement, including, but not limited to, a designation that has been made in connection with this agreement.