Roommate Agreement Big Bang Theory Wiki

Instead of getting upset, Sheldon says „fascinating“ and later asks Amy to be his girlfriend in „The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition.“ On the same night, he created „The Relationship Agreement“ to check the basic rules of him as their friend and vice versa (much like his „Roommate Agreement“ with Leonard). Amy agrees, but later regrets not reading it through a lawyer. Leonard and Penny eventually tell Sheldon that they moved in together after their wedding. Sheldon is angry, but Bernadette says she is trying to find another roommate, even though Stuart flatly refuses her idea of moving in with Sheldon. Sheldon refuses everyone he meets, and Amy refuses to live with him because they just broke up. Sheldon tries to pretend it was in 2003, before meeting Leonard, Penny and Amy, and before developing emotional bonds with other people, lest Leonard and Penny eventually leave him.