Roe Web Agreement

This agreement, as amended from time to time in accordance with its provisions, constitutes the whole and unique agreement between the parties with respect to ROE Web and replaces all previous oral or oral agreements related to them, unless they are included in this reference agreement. There are no conditions, alliances, assurances, declarations or conditions that are binding on the parties, with the exception of those contained in this Agreement. Once your authority to act as a primary agent on behalf of the organization has been confirmed, you must accept the ROE web agreement on behalf of the organization in order to begin creating and sending ROE transactions to Service Canada for your organization. 3.2 Access or use of the ROE web account after the 30-day deadline expires implies acceptance of the revised agreement and the Commission is entitled to rely on such access and the use of the ROE web account to signal the amendment agreement. This agreement contains a number of provisions that could infringe the rights and obligations of account holders. Therefore, account holders should read the entire agreement carefully. The whole agreement must be read carefully. On this page, you can see the latest agreement accepted by the organization. The agreement specifies the terms of use to which the organization is subject while using the ROE web application. 16.2 The account holder must inform each user that their credentials provided by the user or collected by the account holder for the purposes of web registration ROE guarantees the account holders that he installs, uses and regularly updates antivirus software and performs malicious code scans on all computer devices used to access the ROE web , and also ensures that it installs new definitions of viruses as soon as it is practical.

In order to better reconcile the changes to THE Web ROE and for reasons of clarity, we have amended the following definitions of conditions: if a provision of this agreement is declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable by an arbitrator or competent court, this provision will be separated from this Agreement and all other provisions of the Agreement will remain fully in force and effective.