Phrd Collective Agreement

25.1 This agreement applies to and binds the parties and their successors. 7.1 The payment of administrative allowances covered by Article 4 of this agreement begins from the effective date of the appointment. 14.5 Collective bargaining leave is granted to up to three (3) teachers without loss of pay and benefits, provided the employer is compensated by the Alberta Association of Enhancers for replacement costs. 1.2 Notwithstanding Clause 1.1, the following staff members are excluded from the agreement: 18.8 Arbitration cannot amend, amend or amend the terms of the agreement. All of the complaints or disputes raised are a descriptible issue in this agreement and do not depend on an issue or dispute by any of the parties that violates the provisions of this agreement or provides for the determination of an object that is not covered or results during the duration of the agreement. 18.1 Any difference between a teacher covered by this agreement and the employer or, in one case, between the Alberta Wagers Association, and the employer with respect to the interpretation, application, establishment or alleged violation of the agreement, including any dispute over whether the difference is arbitral, should be treated as follows. , without work interruptions or refusals to work. 2.2 Each party may communicate in writing to the other party its intention to begin collective bargaining, at least sixty (60) days or more than one hundred and twenty (120) days before the end of the collective agreement. CONSIDERING that the terms of employment and salaries of teachers have been negotiated between the parties and are stipulated in this agreement; 3.2 The total number of years of teacher training and the years of apprenticeship calculated according to this agreement determine the base salary for each teacher employed by the employer. 2.3 At the first meeting of the parties following this communication, the parties will exchange any changes they wished to make.

Negotiations are limited to the points of both lists, except by mutual agreement. CONSIDERING that the parties recognize that the basic management and management of a school system is the responsibility and responsibility of the employer to formulate and adopt policy rules that are not inconsistent with this agreement; and 18.2 This difference (hereafter referred to as „complaint“) at the teacher level is submitted in writing, first, to the employer treasurer, the chair of the local economic policy committee and the coordinator of teacher social assistance. This written writing must be filed within thirty (30) days of the incident that led to the complaint. This complaint sets out the nature of the complaint, the articles of that agreement, which were allegedly violated, and the remedy requested. 15.1.3 The employer makes available its entitlement to the benefit premium under Article 12 of this agreement during the 15 weeks of maternity leave. 4.4 For the purposes of this agreement, the terms „vice-principle“ and „associated adjudicating entities“ are interchangeable. 1.1 This agreement applies to employer workers who must be required to have a formal teaching certificate for their employment, issued under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, the Province of Alberta, which is collectively designated as a teacher or, if the context requires, a teacher. 4.3 The employer may create and fill administrative positions other than those covered in this article, provided that the association is advised before filling the position.