Nist Key Agreement

Comments on the presentation and functionality of the glossary should be sent to Additional material: Comments on the SP 800-56A Rev project. 3 (pdf) Elaine Barker (NIST), Lily Chen (NIST), Allen Roginsky (NIST), Apostol Vassilev (NIST), Richard Davis (NSA) This recommendation defines key establishment patterns based on the discrete problem of logarithm on finite fields and elliptical curves, including several variants of Diffie-Hellman and Menezes-Qu-Vanstone (MQV). . Document history: 08/07/17: SP 800-56A Rev. 3 (Project) 16.04.18: SP 800-56A Rev. 3 (Conclusion) Comments on certain definitions should be sent to the authors of the related source publication. For NIST publications, there is usually an email in the document. Other parts of this publication: SP 800-56B Rev. 2 SP 800-56C Rev. 2 Publication: SP 800-56A Rev. 3 (DOI) Local Download.