Electric Utility Mutual Assistance Agreement

After SuperStorm Sandy, IEE utilities and IED boards met with local, government and federal governments to improve the future storm response. Crew assignment has been an area that needs to be improved. It was at this time that the utilities connected by conference calls and which followed the resources in tables were set up. Currently, Con Edison has repositories with other distribution companies and uses drone technology in applications authorized by law. The utility also works with industry groups and developers to promote visualization technologies for the assessment and analysis of distribution damage. For example, after Superstorm Sandy, all communication networks were off, and line judges could not rely on their phones. To stay in touch, some crews have set up a regional network or have turned to walkie-talkies. Others have taken a different approach in assigning a bird dog, but this can be exhausting from the point of view of the reacting distribution company, Says Hyland. The IEE`s mutual assistance programme is based on voluntary agreements between IOUs within the same region. Most of these agreements are managed by seven regional mutual legal aid groups (RMAGs) at the federal level, and they communicate and help each other regularly in the event of a disaster.

In the event of a major emergency in the Pacific Northwest, it is anticipated that many or all parties to this agreement could be directly involved in the delivery of aid. With the combined assistance of these parties, the impact and duration of an emergency on the relevant regional markets is expected to be minimized. „Kansas is one of the worst states because you have to work at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and below zero,“ said Sherman, who has worked in the supply industry for 42 years. „It`s a difficult state you can work in.“ Where possible, some electricity providers also use advanced mobile technology in this area, enriched by Smart Meter technology. Whereas previously, line workers had to cross a neighborhood to look for breakdowns, smart meter technology can locate outage clusters and identify locations where distribution companies should provide crews. For the most part, utility companies voluntarily participate in agreements with others in their area, and if you need mutual assistance, they apply through the regional group, says Con Edison`s Yip.