Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement

It is necessary for the internal cooperation agreement to establish rights and obligations for all members of the consortium, taking into account differences in national demographics. In this regard, a balance must be struck between the maximum number of members and the respective national proportion: a purely proportional distribution would lead either to a large, heavy consortium or to a lack of representation of small states. The indicative distribution table 7 below is shown below and candidates are invited to use it as a basis for their internal cooperation and management: the measures include the welcoming activities of national and international users, as well as commercial solutions and innovative products and applications. Under FPCUP, four types of actions are supported: b) The governance system, which consists of the internal agreement of the consortium and a programme of cooperation between the consortium, the companies entrusted by Copernicus and the Commission, will conclude a framework partnership agreement with the winner of the appeal. It must be a multi-member consortium. The agreement covers the period 2017-2021. For UK applicants: please note that eligibility criteria must be met for the duration of the grant. If the UK withdraws from the EU during the eligibility period without concluding an agreement with the EU, including ensuring that UK applicants remain eligible, these applicants will no longer receive EU funds (when they participate as much as possible) or will be required to leave the project on the basis of Article II.17 of the Partnership Framework Agreement. They are necessary for the implementation of the action or work programme, in accordance with the description of the action attached to the grant agreement; The total budget for co-financing projects is estimated at EUR 1,000,000 per specific grant agreement. The duration of the Framework Partnership Agreement is four years between 2017 and 2021.

The Commission`s financial support must not exceed 85% of the eligible costs.